Learning and Development

At GF we embrace the concept of lifelong learning and cultivate a growth mindset among our employees to stay competitive in an industry where technological advancements and market demands are constantly evolving. Learning & Development provides GF employees and managers with systems, tools, and solutions that help them achieve personal and professional growth. Our employees have access to a wide range of resources through on the job training, classrooms and blended learning (including online learning activities). Employees partner with their manager to plan learning activities aligned with technical needs and their development goals.

Leadership Development 

We believe that leadership happens everywhere in the organization which is why we offer comprehensive programming that develops our leaders throughout their careers:  

  • New Managers: a 12-month learning journey that integrates online learning, live workshops, and community discussions focused on equipping new managers with the foundational leadership skills to thrive in their roles. 
  • Seasoned Managers: we offer cohort-based programming to help our managers refine and enhance their coaching skills. We believe all employees at GF should have access to coaching experiences so it’s critical our managers can build their capability to coach and unlock the potential of their people. 
  • Executive Preparation: we partnered with Cornell University and Skillsoft to curate a 6-month learning journey designed to prepare leaders for executive leadership. The journey offers our leaders an opportunity to learn about their leadership styles from their peers, workshops held by esteemed professors, exposure to senior leadership and personalized coaching sessions.  
  • Executive Leadership: we partnered with INSEAD University, a top global university, to design and deliver a best-in-class development experience that supports our leaders in navigating an increasingly interconnected world. The program focuses on building capability in fostering cross-cultural collaboration and transforming our organization for the future. Leaders receive executive coaching, a unique development experience on INSEAD’s Fontainebleau, France campus, team building and networking, and the opportunity to work on real business challenges in a group setting.

Online Learning  

To support on-demand lifelong learning, GF employees have access to an online learning library with 180,000+ learning activities and 140+ certifications. This is inclusive of video-based courses, books and audio books, skill and role-based learning paths, and hands-on practice labs. Our online learning library enables our people to choose how and when they learn the skills they need to advance their careers. 

Continuing Education  

We partner with several higher education institutions around the world to give our people access to continuing education in their area of specialty. In addition to expanding their skill sets within the walls of GF, we encourage our people to stretch their capabilities and growth by seeking external perspectives and networking through higher education. Through eCornell, employees can access 650+ discounted eLearning courses to help them reach their personal and professional career ambitions.