First Time Right

GLOBALFOUNDRIES uses a rigorous multi gate business process to ensure that our silicon technologies are validated before any client designs are accepted. This MGate process assures that the entire foundry ecosystem is ready, including design enablement, fab processing and client support.

Technology Asic Overview

The GLOBALFOUNDRIES foundry offering provides clients with extensive design options utilizing our CMOS/RF/SiGe technologies. Our portfolio offers a rich choice of solutions and options to address performance and cost.   Our full platform enablement provides a world class lP library, (developed with our design partners) and affords a full range of Silicon validated elements. We use robust process windowing to ensure that all designs will function throughout the technology process space.

GLOBALFOUNDRIES is pleased to offer an integrated design system option for clients wishing to accelerate their time to market. Using a well established multi node qualification methodology along with providing support during all phases of client engagement (architecture to implementation), we are able to offer unparalleled design capability and complete ecosystem support. Our ASIC portfolio offers industry leading IP, advanced packages and a robust validation process to produce tested module hardware that meets end client product application reliability and quality objectives.