Opportunities in Europe

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The Dresden manufacturing site is recognized throughout as among the most successful leading-edge semiconductor production facilities in the world. Dresden fab represents one of the biggest international investments in Europe with a total investment to date of more than $12 billion, and about 3,500 world-class employees. Select a career path below to learn more about opportunities to become part of the GF team!

Benefits & Rewards in Dresden Fab 1

Financial Benefits:

  • Capital Accumulation Plan
  • Pension Scheme
  • Additional Vacation
  • Allowance in addition to Sickness Pay
  • Additional monthly salary

Health Management/Sport Events:

  • In house Gym

Other Benefits:

  • In house Caterer
  • Free Drinks (Water and coffee)
  • ATM
  • Job Ticket (subsidized monthly ticket for public transportation)
  • Employee Referral Program

Individual Development

Knowledge is one of the core competencies at GF. We consider learning to be a life-long process that serves to acquire knowledge, to understand change, to generate the best ideas, to enhance productivity, and to achieve a personal as well as corporate growth. Only through the disposition of our employees for continuous further development of their skills and their knowledge is GF able to develop and grow as well. To support this life-long process, GF offers a number of technical qualification measures and individual development opportunities.

Advance Your Own Development

We are working in one of the most competitive industries in the world. Thus, learning faster than our competitors is our most vital factor in the competition. You can advance your personal and technical development by understanding your own interests, abilities and development needs, and by collaborating with your manager in planning your projects and learning activities with regards to your development goals. In this process numerous development opportunities to you and your manager exists. As an employee at GF you have access to a broad range of learning resources.


Falk Allmrodt

Senior Section Manager Manufacturing Engineering. of GF

“I got to know the location of AMD/GF in great depth even way before I worked here.

After my engineering degree, I started working in 2004 with a supplier of what was Factory 36 at the time. I was involved in the installation and supervision of the wafer conveyor system at the Dresden factory. After that, my employer at the time sent me to the USA for two years to establish conveyor systems in other factories there.

I wanted to see even more of the world and changed over to the solar industry. As a trainer for PECVD systems, I trained customers around the world.

After six years of travel, I wanted to work in my hometown Dresden again. For me, as a “state certified engineer”, GF was one of the most interesting employers in Dresden.

Since 2012, I have been Senior Section Manager in the Maintenance Services Department. I am responsible for 30 employees in four shifts. Our job is to perfectly clean special machine parts, the “kits”, from the cleanroom. Some of these parts we clean directly at our own maintenance shop, while for others we use the services of an external service provider. At all times, we must guarantee the timely return of these kits to production. Furthermore, I am responsible for the service and maintenance of all pumps and exhaust gas purifiers in the subfactory.

What I like about my job is that I work in a highly dynamic industry. I also work in an international environment here at the Dresden factory, which means I get to use my experience in dealing with different working cultures. The management position is another building block in my experience profile and it is fulfilling to see what our group can contribute to the corporate success.”